13 February, 2010

"Work work work, she'll never get her dress done" - Cinderella

I'm currently on day three of seven at work so I have no time to blog just now, it's actually making me miserable (it doesn't help that work is ten times more horrible after a weeks holiday!) Sorry for the pouty face, I read smiling in photos was the kiss of death for blogs!

Please stay tuned for

- Another couple of recipes, one for chili and one pasta.
- Cupcakes! Review of the new cupcakes in Fenwicks Department Store!
- Product Review, Paul & Joe Primer and Benefit's Waterproof Eyeliner
- News of my new give away for when I reach 25 followers, only seven to go!

Much love


  1. Hope you have a good day in work! Looking forward to your next posts :) x

  2. ooh looking forward to the cupcake review! and I'm doing my giveaway tomorrow :D look out for it lovely xx

  3. Looking forward to your review on Paul & Joe products :)
    I hope work goes quickly for you - at least you're getting some extra hours though, which is always a positive? :D

  4. Eeep, a 7 day working week? Think of the money, think of the money! :) x