06 February, 2010

Film Review #1 'Youth in Revolt'

"Nick Twisp (Michael Cera) is a 16-year-old who is an outcast of his generation. He meets Sheeni Saunders (Portia Doubleday), an intellectual and beautiful girl. The only things really standing in his way are Sheeni's poetry-writing ex-boyfriend Trent (Jonathon B Wright), Nick's temperamental divorced parents (Steve Buscemi & Jean Smart), and Nick's mom's boyfriends. When Nick realizes she is not interested, he comes up with an alter-ego, named François Dillinger, who resembles Nick, but has blue eyes, a mustache, a deeper voice, and a player/bad boy attitude to help him with his pursuit of Sheeni. But when François makes Nick a wanted criminal, everything spins out of control." Plot taken from answers.com

This evening the other half and I made our way to the cinema in town to see Youth in Revolt as we're both big Michael Cera fans. I was a bit unsure of what to expect after seeing the trailer for it but I couldn't really face another Saturday night in. I had also recently discovered I get discount seats at the Empire near where I work. However I have to admit it was one of the funniest films I've seen in a while. Cera plays Nick Twisp, a strange and awkward teenage virgin (sound familiar?) which wouldn't really have been enough if it wasn't for his sauve French alter ego François who really just made the film. Cera always plays the good boy who doesn't want to get in trouble and here he was playing a bad boy! It was interesting to say the least and he has some great one liners. The boy meets girl, falls in love story line was not samey either, Portia Doubleday was a great lead female, funny, interesting and not one of these glam girls like Megan Fox, she was fun to watch as Sheeni Sanderson. The cast was fun, I always enjoy films with gawky teenage outcasts as I can identify with them from when I was a teenager, even though I'm a girl. Justin Long was excellent as Sheeni's drugged up older brother (like Sheeni he is rebelling from his devout Christian parents) as was Steve Buscemi as Nick Twisp's father.

Hasn't everyone felt that "I would do anything for you" feeling? Well Youth in Revolt takes it to another level where Cera's Nick Twisp does so. He sets fire to a cafe, he destroys both his parents cars, goes on the run from the police, sneaks into a French Boarding School & drugs his girlfriend with hilerious consequences. Some of the lines in the film really make it worth watching.

We both laughed out loud over and over again, along with the rest of the cinema, mainly made up a young people. It had some very memorable moments along with the memorable characters. It reminded me a lot of Juno even though they both had different directors, however I will warn that this is slightly more graphic in sexual context and slightly more crude than Juno, however the boy did point out it was told from a guys point of view unlike Juno. I do however love both films equally and would quite happily sit through Youth in Revolt again. The story is interesting, funny and I found the script to be solid. I never once felt like the film was dragging out as there was always some crazy obstacles that Nick Twisp had to cross to get to the girl of his dreams, and I'm pleased to report that the film does have a happy and interesting end. If you like Indie comedies, you won't be disappointed with this one.

Best Moment: When Paul (Long) brings magic mushrooms to Nick's house and gets him, Nick, his neighbour and his fathers girlfriend high.
Best Line: "Well, thank you for that unsolicited counsel, Trent. Now please do drop dead."
Would Recommend For: Someone who isn't offended by crude outburts, young people, comedy lovers
Rating: 9/10


  1. I want to see this movie mainly because it was filmed in a town where I spend alot of time. (Summer cottage!) But the whole Michael Cera, awkward teen, thing is getting bland. Isn't weird how he manages to play the exact same character in every single one of his films? He's funny though, so it's almost okay. :)


  2. You left the link to your blog so I always have a quick sneak peak and after reading your painted toe nail post I had to follow you! I'm the same, a few years back my toenails were perfect but now I never bother painting them until all the polish is chipped off, especially since it's freezing her just now. It made me smile! Your blog seems nick and down to earth, I like that!

    Anyways, YES he does always play an identical character but I kind of like that because my boyfriend is just like him. My sister is horrible and always calls him Bleak (his character in Juno) and he hates it. But I find it cute. I think he got away with it this time because he has his alter-ego who is nothing like him. He was funnier than the Michael Cera/awkward teen character.