05 February, 2010

"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow" ~ English Proverb

Is it just me or did January last forever? I could feel myself getting more and more miserable as time passed and I have to admit when the calender finally flipped over to February, I felt a little bit a hope. Finally we are moving closer to a little bit of sunshine! And with the promise of spring comes the thought of the spring/summer wardrobe. And this year I am excited. Nautical, lace, florals, polka dot and ditzy patterns and pastel colours! Coral and mint green are two of my favourite colours and I'm looking forward to wearing them.

Here is a few of my favourites that I hope to purchase over the new few months. I'm so incredibly lucky my twenty second birthday falls in March so maybe I'll be lucky and receive some as gifts.

L-R Topshop Vest @ £6, Topshop Heart Socks @ £3, New Look Lace Leggings @ £14, Topshop High Waist Skirt @ £30, Primark Lace Dress @ £15
Topshop Pants & Bra Set @ £6/£16, Topshop Ruffle Hem Vest @ £14, Topshop Bow Pumps @ £28, Elsiebelle Masquerade Necklace @ £11.95
Topshop Heart Cardigan @ £35, New Look Skater Dress @ £16, Topshop Dobby Spot Bikini @ £25, New Look Nautical Tunic @ £10

I've been really impressed by New Look lately. The lovely Emma Jane over at Plum Dressing inspired me to pay a visit after seeing she got heart print tights for a meer £4 instead of the £8 Topshop is charging. I called in but couldn't find the tights however I did see the gorgeous skater dress and the lace leggings. I also feel I need a nautical tunic. The lace dress is a total bargin in Primark. I've been looking on Instyle at all Primark's spring/summer 2010 collection and I am really excited by some of the items due in store at the end of March, including a straw boater I must get myself! Topshop as always has some gorgeous things I always feel I need. My favourite being the bikini that I would love to wear on holiday this summer, I may have to ask my parents for it for my birthday. The things I know will be buying is the vest top and the socks. The necklace is from my new favourite online jewellery store, Elsiebelle. I really do insit you check her out!


  1. Hey you :)
    Good luck with the giveaway! Glad to have found you blogging, I'll be following you from now x

  2. That bikini is gorgeous and thank you for introducing me to the joys of mint! I never really considered wearing that colour but it looks lovely in your wishlist so I may have to hunt down that vest :) I'm also very impressed with how cheap that skater dress is compared to Topshop's version!!

  3. Daisychain - Thank you! I'm trying to build up some more followers but I have no idea how!

    Sam - I really want the bikini but at the minute I can't justify spending £25 on something I won't wear until July, so it really will have to be a birthday present. The skater dress is a definite though, they have it in grey and pale pink too but the fawn is my favourite.

  4. haha pink and mint remind me of barbie! they can look amazing though as you prove here :) so excited that NL have the skater dress i will DEFINITELY be popping in to give it a try on :)

  5. i love all of this! going to primark tomorrow and going to hunt that lace dress down!

    Aw i can't wait for spring and summer! So many pretty clothes to wear :) x

  6. the prettiest spring wishes. x