27 February, 2010

Film Review #4 'Year One'

"Jack Black and Michael Cera headline Harold Ramis' Biblical comedy about a pair of misfit hunter-gatherers who embark on a wild journey through the ancient world after being banished from their primitive village. Zed (Black) and Oh (Cera) may lack in the skills that their chieftain is looking for, but they have plans to make it big. Zed has a gut feeling that God has "chosen" him, and so he leads his buddy on a trip through the unknown countryside in search of bigger and better things, bumping into several weird characters along the way -- like a feuding pair of brothers named Cain and Abel (David Cross and Paul Rudd). Unfortunately, their quest for greatness hits a few snags, like being sold into slavery, and later becoming the object of interest to a very amorous, very hairy high priest (Oliver Platt) in the opulent city of Sodom." - Plot taken from fandango

Another not so recent film, but as it's the first time I've seen it, it still warrents a review. Yes, I'm a Jack Black fan, yes I'm a Michael Cera fan but a Year One fan? Not so much. In theory I should of loved this film, I love Harold Ramis' as a writer and I must be the only person actually looking forward to Ghostbusters 3. The cast contained loads of my favourite actors and anything that puts a new spin on religion is usually a winner for me. However while watching Year One I just kept feeling like something was missing. It was funny, really funny in places but the characters and story was just so lacklust and disappointing. At some points I found myself confused as they crossed some religious characters that I'm sure never met which shouldn't really of mattered but I ended up a bit lost. Plus there was definitely not enough of Paul Rudd.

What was good about the film, Jack Black and Michael Cera's character's relationship. They worked well as a comedy duo. Abraham played by Hank Azaria was really funny, but I'm not sure the humour would appeal to all, I have a very odd sense of humour so I found his lines pretty hilerious. Sadly that's all I can say was actually good in my opinion. It's definitely only a film I'd ever watch once.

Best Moment: Michael Cera half naked and painted gold, yum.
Best Line: "
I'm a virgin by choice" - Oh "Ha, not your choice" - Zed
Would Recommend For: Anyone who enjoys the sort of humour found in Austin Powers.
Rating: 4/10

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  1. In my opinion there is never enough of Paul Rudd, no matter what the situation is! :P