28 February, 2010

Product Review #1 'Paul & Joe Primer'

I have been using Paul & Joe Primer for a few weeks now as I wanted to give it a fair trial run before reviewing it. I wanted to wear it on a night out, for a long shift at work and every day, now that I've worn it for all three I feel I can give it a fair review.

For a long time I never bothered to wear primer for the main fact that it's only over the last year I've started to wear foundation, prior to that I only wore concealer and powder. Last year I bought two bottle of the That Gal Primer by Benefit and I loved it, it smelt good and it gave my skin a nice dewy look but at £20.50 a pop I was struggling to buy it on a regular basis, especially since it hardly lasted a month! While browsing the Paul & Joe make up on ASOS I came across this Primer, it has SPF 40 and was only £15.75 which is quite reasonable for a primer (even high street brands such as GOSH charge at least £12 for their primer). I'd never read any reviews on this particular product but I'd heard great stuff about Paul & Joe as a brand so I thought I'd give it a try. I used ASOS's super saver delivery for £1.95 which was excellent value for money and it arrived within a week.

The primer itself is foundation coloured, which did worry me at first as it was a darker colour than my skin but once I'd applied it (with my fingers) it didn't change my skin any which I was pleased about. Unlike the Benefit primer, the Paul & Joe stuff goes a long way. I only use a tiny bit to cover my whole face and it doesn't feel heavy of grease but just gives my face a nice matte base for me to apply my foundation over. It also had a really nice smell to it, which I really liked, very floral.

I tested out the primer, as I said in three different circumstances. Firstly I wore it all day under full make up when I was at my parents. It lasted well, kept my face moisturised and of course with the SPF 40 it was excellent for my skin anyway. My make up stayed put all day. Again, when I wore it for a 10 hour shift at work, it held my make up well, I only had to touch up my concealer over a few spots and re-do my eyeliner but that has nothing to do with my primer. the final test for the primer was how well it lasted on a night out on the town. And it did really well, unfortunately I woke up the next morning with all my make up still on and what wasn't on my face was on my pillow, which again I don't think it was anything to do with the primer!

All in all, I completely recommend this product to anyone looking for a primer. The only disappointing thing is once again it comes in a small tube and I doubt it'll last long if I wear it every day (so I'll admit that i've been rationing it). But apart from that, it's one of the best make up products I've ever used and I can't wait to get my hands on some more of their beauty range.

Product: Paul & Joe SPF 40 Primer
Price: £15.75
From: ASOS
Buy it again? Yes


  1. I dont think I could afford it, haha, I use ELF's studio line primer!

  2. Looks absolutely delightful!


  3. thats awsome, i don't know abnything about make up, as you know lol but got some benifit vouchers for christmas so ive spent a fortune in there and the primer is what i've got. i'm not sure it's worth the price, but it does smell lush!

  4. @ Kariss Benefit That Gal is gorgeous too, but it's nearly £20 a pop and I just can't afford that