16 February, 2010

Sunday Self Secrets Week Two 'Valentines Day'

I apologise now for the fact my Sunday Self Secrets is late this week, but I was a little preoccupied last night with what is being this weeks Sunday Self Secrets, Valentines Day.

In the words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, "
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach" which is how I feel about my loving boyfriend who spoiled me so much last night. I had to work during the day from 10:30 until 5:30, and it was very crazy with it also being Chinese New Year (I work just behing Newcastle's China Town) and Valentines Day, so I came home very grumpy and exhausted. He had me locked away in our bedroom while he did some preparation. When he came to collect me he was wearing a shirt and lead me through our flat, it was pitch black but he lit a little path way with tea lights. It was so romantic! He had a mix tape playing that I had made for his stocking the first Christmas we had together (he never plays romantic music, it was great). All along the sideboard he had my yankee candles in wrapped in tin foil so they didn't melt onto the wood work. On the table he had my card, a single rose and my present. He'd made a goats cheese salad for starters as the Sainsburys meal we had didn't include one. I'm a huge fan of goats cheese and balsamic vinegar salad, he'd even made his own home made croutons. I had also bought a garlic bread pizza to go with the salad, it was from Tescos and was just like the kind you get at Zizzis. It was delicious. We were also drinking the pinot greigo that we got with the meal, it's one of my favs. For mains we had a paella that was really delicious but in my opinion it was more cream base like a risotto. Still nice though even with the peas. The chicken and king prawns were my favourites. For dessert we had stawberry cheese cake which was so delicious def my favourite part of the meal. I ended up being too busy eating to take a picture. We drank the whole bottle of wine with the meal so we moved onto the frescati while we opened our cards and my present. I loved the card I got
my boyfriend, it was about a fairytale couple which is perfect for us. I also got him a gingerbread cookie. He however, along with a si
ngle red rose got me an Elsie Belle necklace, the one I'd been lusting after for so long, the Cinderella carriage. I gave him links to three necklaces and he chose this one. He really does know me. I got him How I Met Your Mother Season 2 on DVD, I preordered it for him and we've been busy watching it since Saturday night.

Without a doubt it was the best Valentines day ever. I always have to work because of the trade I'm in so usually I have to something before or after it (this is the third one I've had someone with well with Paddy, the year before it I'd just been dumped so I was happy to work it). It was lovely to do something on the day and I'm so glad I managed to get the evening off eve
n if we were too broke to go out. My boyfriend and I had a great night and I did enjoy being spoilt for once and have some food made for me. I hope everyone else had a great night and you all enjoyed this weeks Sunday Self Secret.


  1. great necklace! sounds like a lovely night :)

  2. hi! i came over from afeitar's blog.

    looks like you are a fellow foodie! well. i hope you dont mind me following your blog :)


  3. aw how amazing! what a lovely boy :) beauty of a necklace too! x

  4. Aw, that sounds adorable! I love that elsiebelle necklace and have been coveting it for a while too! :)

  5. Loely necklace and glad you had a wonderful night :)