03 February, 2010


My name is Amy Marie, and I never thought I'd see the day I'd make a blog. I've always only used livejournal as an every day diary rather than for anything important. But here I am, 2nd February 2010, making my mark on the internet. Welcome.

I'm twenty one years old and I live in England with my boyfriend of almost three years, Patrick. He makes me laugh and that's important. I quit my degree in Drama to move to be with him, I now waste my time as a barmaid. At least it means I pick and choose when I want my time off, in that way I'm lucky. I make a mean mojito too.

We have two gerbils called Trixie and Smokey. They're almost one. We all live together in a flat that we rent.

I Shopping, I go shopping a lot, that is when I have money. I have a weakness for high end make up, especially MAC. I shop a lot in high street stores such as H&M, Topshop and Urban Outfitters. I love to cook and bake but Paddy and I eat out a lot, his 2010 resolution is to support more local restaurants. I also love to read, watch movies, dance, sing and dress up. I like to drink sailor jerrys and eat cheesecake & from that it's quite obvious I suck at dieting. I'm just your average girl, trying to find her place in this crazy world.

Once again, welcome to my world.
Please check back for reviews, wish lists, top 10s and plenty of pictures.

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  1. Hey
    Ive just come across your blog and saw that you were new to blogging like i am so i thought i would follow you as im liking what im reading so far