18 February, 2010

"I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir, because I'm not myself you see." - Alice

Alice in Wonderland Collection, Spring 2010
L-R Key Bracelet @ £25, Curiouser & Curiouser Hoops @ £25, Watch Necklace @ £45
Drink Me Necklace @ £25, Mad Hatter Necklace @ £30, Bottle Necklace @ £30

As I've previously mentioned I'm a huge fan of Disney Couture jewellery and was extremely excited to hear about the Alice in Wonderland that was to be released to coincide with the new movie release. It has been designed by renowned designer Tom Binns, famous for his eclectic and expensive jewellery that is considered more art than fashion. The collection contains 35 pieces that range from about £12 (depending on the retailer) up.

Above are some of my favourite pieces from the collection, my three favourites are those at the very top. The key bracelet (also available in gold), the hoops and the watch necklace (also available in silver). The bracelet was the very first piece I saw from the collection and although I'm not a fan of chunky things around my wrist (I never wear a watch) the key bracelet is an amazing piece of design that I would see myself always wearing. "Curiouser and Curiouser" is one of my favourites quotes from Alice in Wonderland (it's been featured in almost all remakes and is even in the book) and the stunning hoops with the quote is just the epitome of all things Alice. Even though I rarely ever wear earrings I would love these so much, they're so statement! The beautiful pocket watch necklace speaks for itself really, it's my favourite piece in the whole collection but at £45 and my current financial state I cannot ever see myself owning it. I already own a silver pocket watch I purchased on a recent trip to London but it has nothing on this beauty. I'd love it in gold.

Of all the pieces I would like to own, the "Drink Me" necklace is probably my least favourite. My only reason would be that it looks to much like a Tatty Devine necklace, or one that could be purchased from anywhere that makes perspex necklaces. The other two I find incredibly cute, I adore the charms but I have many similar charm necklaces that I'd be afraid that they'd just fall to the sidelines. I prefer something more statement, especially when I'm spending a lot of money on them... however the detail is just gorgeous that I'd probably wear them more than I think.

As much as I do adore this collection, I find it quite different to the Disney Couture stuff (although I have to admit I'm very glad not to see MORE Tinkerbell) it's darker and not as Disney, more Tim Burton. I think I prefer the older Disney Couture jewellery that has the princess touch. I personally hope this isn't the direction Disney Couture is intending to always take!


  1. I can't wait for Alice in Wonderland. I just saw the first commercials the other day and I was literally hyperventilating.


  2. I prefer these pieces to the other Disney Couture I think, that key bracelet is such a great design piece! :)

  3. I love Disney Couture jewelry too, haven't got my hands on anything yet - might have to be the Tim Binns one, its so pretty! x

  4. These are so cute... I love the first bracelet and the pendant with a heart is so sweet.

    Happy weekend! xoxo

  5. these are amazing.
    i like the "drink me" necklace best

  6. So sweet! Love the cut out heart locket - absolutely adorable!