08 March, 2010

Sunday Self Secrets Week Four 'The Family'

I don't have loads to write on this subject as it's a very very personal one, and I don't suppose my parents and younger sister would like our private lives posted on a public blog.

My family are three of the most important and valuable people in my life. We've had some hard times while I was growing up but I'm hoping finally we're all on the straight and narrow. I love them more than words can describe and I feel so lucky that I ended up with such wonderful parents. Some of my happiest memories contain these three people, including three trips to Walt Disney World in Florida which has had such a big impact on my life. For all their faults and for all their mistakes I honestly believe that these three are good people and I am genuinely blessed.

I am one of two girls and I'm the eldest by 2 years 4 months. My younger sister Erin (the brunette) was the pain in my life when I was growing up. We shared a room and we were completely different in every way so we struggled to find common ground. In her nineteen years she's had two near death experiences, one when she was very young and neither of us remember and one was in recent years that ended up with us both growing closer. We still argue but we enjoy time together and have a lot more in common these days. She's busy training to be a dental nurse and is finally happily in love. I'm both proud and happy for her.

My mother is a teacher in a pre school nursery, however nowadays they're not supposed to be called teachers or nurserys but that's fundimentally what she is. Before I was born she was a hairdresser but he went back and trained to be a teacher once my sister started school. She was always the mediator in our family fueds and never likes to take sides. Since my sister and I have grown up she now spends all her time looking after her gerbils, Daisy and Maisy. She enjoys gardening and watching all sports on tv. In two years she'll have been married to my dad for twenty five years, he's promised to take her to Wimbledon to watch the mens final on centre court. We're more like best friends now than mother and daughter and I miss seeing her every day. She is one of the funniest people I know and always comes out the worst things. She comes down during her school holidays and we spend a day shopping together, in Easter I've promised to go with her to see Nanny Mcphee and the Big Bang as the first one is her favourite film.

My dad is a long distance truck driver. He loves his job he has nowadays as he gets to deliver new cars and often gets to test drive them. Paddy is very envious of this. Because of his job we only saw him on weekends when we were growing up which was tough on all of us. He did it because it's the only job he's even knew and it was good money. So good nowadays that he gets excellent pay. My sister and I have very similar tempraments to my dad which caused us all to always bash heads. He's always very over protective and always worrying which used to annoy my sister and I. Of both my parents he spoilt us the most and still does. I look forward to him stopping in Newcastle so we can go out for dinner together and catch up. I sometimes think he has more time for me than he used to because he now had Paddy to talk to too! I love him more now than I ever have. He loves classic rock music and still goes to festivals.

On Saturday I took a train to my hometown and spent a night at my parents to celebrate my birthday early. On arriving they had a cake and my sister, her boyfriend and my parents sang happy birthday to me and then I opened my presents. I received everything I'd asked them for plus two charms for my bracelet. From my sister I got a bottle of pink sparkling rose. That evening we had a huge chinese and lots of wine, what a lovely grown up birthday.

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