17 March, 2010

"I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can't stop eating peanuts." - Orson Welles

We have two tvs in our house, one 32inch beast in the front room and a smaller 24inch in the bedroom, I have to admit I barely watch them but that doesn't mean I don't watch tv, because I do, I watch it, quite a lot actually. I'm impatient, I need to know whats happening now so all the shows I watch are on American time. We usually watch them the day after they're aired in the US. It's probably a little shallow to only like American TV shows but I just can't help it, I have in the past liked British TV shows, I loved the first two seasons of Skins and once upon a time I didn't mind reality tv and I do still occassionally watch Master Chef and anything with Gordon Ramsay in but on the whole there is nothing that can hold my attention like an American soap or Drama. At this time of the year all my favourite shows are on, so the boy and I have a busy week but soon everything will be over for the summer and we'll have to find something else to watch, so recommendations would be nice. We've kept Glee back so we can watch that when everything else ends, so here my recommendations for shows to watch, some you all might love already and some you might not care to watch even now.

How I Met Your Mother
The boy introduced this to me when we first got together almost three years ago. We watched it religiously and everyone we told over here had never heard of it! Many people say it is like the new friends, five rather than six best friends all hooking up and breaking up in NYC and yes I see that but there is some more levels. I think there is more comedy, it's more up to date and in a way I enjoy it more. Like with Friends I can watch it over and over again and never really get bored. Yes Ted Mosby sometimes annoys me but it's saved by the fact Barney's jokes never get boring. It's a good show, it's easy to enjoy and easy to watch. It's up to season 5 now, and part of me does want him to hurry up and meet the mother, but I guess that would ruin the whole show!

Desperate Housewives
I have been watching Desperate Housewives since the very first episode was aired on Briti
sh TV. I had heard about it from a friend in America who was obsessed with it and I have to admit I've been hooked ever since. You'd think after 6 or 7 series of 24 episodes a show would be getting boring however when I did feel that way about Desperate Housewives they shook things up! And to be perfectly honest, since they did move forward three years I'm enjoying it more. The boy and I watched the latest episode last night and at the end we were still "OH MY GOD!?" and trying to guess what would be going on in the next episode! And that is after 6 years! I feel like even though the story lines are shocking and British soapesq they're not half as obnoxious and they're really entertaining. The characters are exaggerated characteristics of real people and while watching the show I can always see myself in each of the housewives and that's why I can't help but watch it. If you haven't sat and watched the show from the beginning I totally recommend that you do, and if you can't be bothered then at least watch it from season 5 when it moved forward three years.

Two and a Half Men
Oh Two and a Half Men, the show I love to hate. I put off and put off watching this show but the boy loved it and in the end I watched a few episodes and got into it. I sat and watched season one until the current season and I did enjoy the first few series, especially with Rose but since she left it wasn't as funny or quite the same. I still watch it through force of habit but now the characters do just grate on me. The old episodes however, they're still golden. When Jake is a little kid he's cute, lovable and innocent but now he's older, fat and stupid and I can't stand him. Charlie Sheen is still funny and I'm strangely attracted to him but Alan is just so incredibly annoying. Like I said the old ones are worth watching but the new ones, not so much. I still stand by my original thoughts that Two and a Half Men is mainly male humour, my boyfriend still howls at the episodes that I usually scrunch up my nose at, one for the boys I think.

Gossip Girl
My favourite tv show without a doubt. I didn't watch the first season because I didn't want to be
hooked but then I watched one episode and within the first week I'd see the whole season. I love the characters, I love the world they live in and I wish I lived there too. Blair is my favourite by far and I was so desperate for Blair and Chuck to get together. I don't dislike any of the main six, Dan and Nate occassionally annoy me, and even Serena to an extent. I love the story lines, no matter how unbelievable they are I think thats what makes me love them. I love the music, the clothes and fashion, and the fact it's in NYC. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't watch Gossip Girl, even the boy loves it! It always leaves me happy or sad, I don't know it always provokes some emotion and that is the real reason I love it.

I know this show had very mixed reviews but I've really been intrigued from the start and was horrified that it was almost getting the axe. I'm still afraid that it might not make it to second series as I love the suspense in it which is almost as good as that in Lost. The characters and storyline is interesting and I was enjoying the way it was going until there was the break over Christmas. The boy and I always discuss how we would react to each individuals flashforwards. I love Agent No & Mark Benford, they make a good team and they're both awesome actors. I have a soft spot for Joseph Fiennes as it's my claim to fame meeting him in my teens!

Another show I've watched since the very beginning is Lost and even though there have been times when I have wanted to stop through complete frustration I know I never could and with the last nine episodes in sight I'm very glad I've stuck it out. I've watched favourite characters die, go crazy and the ones I hate are the ones I end up having a soft spot for! I know that when it ends I'll be so sad and desperate for more! There are some characters that I cannot stand that I'll be glad to see the back of but the story and show itself will leave a hole in our viewing times and in discussions on what will be happening next! Anyone who has never watched Lost I suggest you sit down and watch all six seasons, it is excellent watched all the way through!

As I mentioned before we sometimes watch cookery shows on the actual TV but on the computer we also watch The Simpsons & American Dad but I'm sure they don't really need a mention. I think once all these shows are finished we're going to settle down and watch V and Glee. A girl has got to have something to watch!


  1. i try not to watch too much tv either, but its hard not too! i love desperate housewives too! and i'm a sucker for ANTM, American Idol,and Glee haha :)


  2. You met Joseph Fiennes?! Thats amazing! I love him. Mmm.

    And god, I love Gossip Girl! <3

  3. You have a fab blog!!! :) I love to cook too, I think I will have a try at the satay chicken on the weekend! :)

    I have hit the follow button :D

  4. I am obsessed with LOST! It's amazing. A lot of my friends are into How I Met Your Mother, but I haven't boarded that train yet..... :)