11 March, 2010

"I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet." - Carrie Bradshaw

I'm pretty sure it must be most girls dreams to find out she has an excuse to buy something new for an expensive dinner, usually it is my dream but not three days before said expensive dinner. Saturday night, I will be spending my evening in the company of the boys family having an expensive meal to celebrate his grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. I did have my outfit all picked out, a nice new long top over my black leggings with a long cardigan and some small heals, comfy but sophisticated however last night the boy receives a message from his father to in the words of Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother, "suit up". Which of course meant my modest outfit was going to be too casual for the occasion. Panic ensues. I have to admit I am fortunate enough to be in possession of £50 worth of arcadia gift cards from my birthday that I was trying to save for the sales but with saving for our holiday it's left me tight for money especially for new clothes. Not only was lack of funds a problem but the fact I have a small window of two hours tomorrow evening before we watch Alice in Wonderland at the IMAX to find something and with my shop choice limited to three this is indeed a challenge that has me in a flap. I always feel its important that while visiting the boys family I make a huge effort, his elder brothers wife is naturally beautiful so I often feel that I must be such a let down! I'm sure it's not true but a girl can't help worrying!

Since coming home from work I've browsed Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge and Topshop's website in search of something nice, smart that I can wear again by dressing down and making it as every day as possible since I don't go out enough to warrent having a huge selection of evening wear. I've found a few dresses and skirts I like, nothing that I would of gave a second look had I not needed something, but still, who can say no to new clothes?

So these are the bits I've come across. The first two dresses are from Miss Selfridge and are £35 each. I've found a new love for Miss Selfridge lately. I went off it a few months back as I thought it was getting very tacky and the sort of stuff I imagined fourteen years old to wear however the past few weeks I've been popping back in and I think a lot of their new season stuff is much nicer than Topshop. The first navy dress is my favourite and I'm hoping that is the one I'm able to get tomorrow. It's definitely something I'll wear again and I adore peter pan collars. I'd team it with a pair of skin coloured tights and my black squeek shoes from Topshop. The red dress, has padded shoulders which I'm not into, I'd have to check that the pads can be cut out but it's the back of the dress is gorgeous! This I'd wear with black out tights and again my squeek shoes. The third dress is from Dorothy Perkins and costs £30. I'm not so keen on the polka dots but I adore the shape. I have other dresses like that and it's really flattering on my figure. I do however thing it might not be smart enough. The next two are skirts from Topshop since I didn't see any dresses I like in Topshop, infact I'm struggling at all to find anything I like in Topshop at the moment. They're both £35, I do love them but then I'd just have to buy a top as well and that's more money than I really want to spend. The final dress isn't one I'm actually going to buy since I'd have to order it offline and I doubt it would be here for Saturday, plus it's £60. It is my dream dress that I lusted over last year on asos.com when it was in the sale for £30 but then it disappeared and I just found it again else where. I'll never own it because I know I'll hardly get to wear it but it doesn't stop me loving it!

Anyway, it's getting late and I have a busy three days ahead, I shall keep you all updated on which dress I treat myself to. Do any of you have dream items of clothes that you wish you could own but you know it would be pointless to?

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  1. That Navy bow/peter pan collar dress is Lush! Just did a reccy of Topshop vs. Miss Selfridge and you are so right, Miss S. wins!

    I love this one too!