23 March, 2010

"Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.” - John Fairchild

32 followers, wow! Thank you guys, I really appreciate all your comments and enjoy reading them so keep them coming! I'm almost done collecting bits for my first give away, I'll be posting about it later this week so watch out for that.

& now for something different, what have I been buying in February & March! I know I've been saving for the holiday of dreams (hoping to pass the £500 mark this weekend!) but it was my birthday and I had a few good pay days so of course treats were in order! I'm finally comfortable in my own style and I'm not really a trend follower because I just don't have the money to re do my wardrobe every season, but if I was Spring would be my favourite season. I live in dresses, tights and cardigans, even in the middle of winter so I look forward to when all the shops start to stock their beautiful floral dresses and I have to practice the most amazing restraint not to spend a fortune. I do of course buy a few, just to stock up for the coming year. Luckily for me, with my immense mountain of savings to do, Primark has had the cutest pieces so I haven't even had to go into my overdraft this year (for the first time in about 5 years!).

I'm a little bit nervous about this post and I've been putting off doing one for the past six weeks, but since I want to incorporate fashion into my blog I feel it has to be done. This is all because it's my style photos, as modelled by me. I have very little self confidence that's why there haven't been any of yet. There are no full body shots because my flat doesn't get very good light in anywhere that had somewhere to stand my camera on, I will need to invest in a tripod if i'm going to carry on doing this. There was no way I'm going to ask the boy to take pictures of me for two reasons really, one he always makes me laugh and two he takes them from odd angles so I always look like a giant with ten chins. Portrates aren't his photography forte.

I'm going to apologize now for all creases and any shots where it will seem like I'm posing because lets face it I am (who would want photos of themselves looking like a whale on their blog?). I'm not doing it for attention just to show of some outfits i've been wearing lately and if the reception of these photos is mostly good, then I'm hoping to start a Weekly Wardrobe project.

Clothes Buys for Feb/March 2010
L-R Polkadot Playsuit, Primark, £13 // Cream Lace Dress, Primark, £15 // Floral Playsuit, Primark, £13 // Blue Bow Dress, Miss Selfridge, £35 // Lace Leggings, New Look, £10 // Cream Long Cardigan, H&M, £10

Close up of patterns and details on the lace dress, floral playsuit & bow dress.

The cream lace dress from Primark is one of my favourite ever dresses, it's so flattering and it fits perfectly. I've worn it a lot but for some reason I don't have any outfit photos of it as of yet. I saw the other day Primark are now stocking other colours of it and I'm hoping to get the pale yellow version too. I used my birthday vouchers to buy the blue bow dress for the boys grandparents 60th Anniversary dinner. The collar and bows on it are so cute and the shape is very flattering, I am slightly disappointed with this because of how easily it creases. I have only worn it once to the dinner and we were in such a hurry I didn't get a chance to take an outfit photo.

Accessory Buys Feb/March 2010
Flower Hairclip, Accessorize, 80p // OPI Off With Her Red Varnish, Fenwicks, £9 // Diamond Ring, Miss Selfridge, 50p // Bow Necklace, Bit of Skirt, £7 // Love Bracelet, Accessorize, £4

I did receive more jewellery for my birthday but they're not really buys and I have already mentioned those. The flower hair clip was a bargin find in Accessorize, reduced to 80p because the pin had come off it, I love the colour. The gold ring is because I have a silver ring on my middle finger on my left hand that I used to take off when wearing gold jewellery but I felt so naked without it. The red of Off With Her Red is so perfect, I thought it would be more orange but it's not, I just really had to have one of the Alice in Wonderland OPI collaborations. The necklace is actually from Elsie Belle but I bought it in Bit of Skirt in Lincoln. I also bought the item below in Bit of Skirt

Vintage Tea Cup, Bit of Skirt, £1.75

It's beautiful and marked on the bottom as bone china. It's perfect for keeping my hair bobbles and curby grips in because I always lose them. It also looks really cute on my dressing table.

Snow White Loungefly Wallet, Ebay, £22-£23 ish

I asked the boy for this for my birthday, but since then we booked our holiday and he went on holiday leaving him short for my birthday so I used some money on ebay to buy this myself. It came all the way from America and it's beautiful. Best ever purse as it fits everything in and still stays slim.

Small Straw Bag, Primark, £2.50 // Cream Slouch Oversized Bag, Topshop Originally Thrifted for £12

I used to have the last seasons large straw bag from Primark but it was too bulky and hurt the back of my legs, I still loved it and reluctantly sold it on. So obviously I was delighted to find this cutie in blue in Primark for £2.50. It's half the size and will be perfect for summer trips to the pub. The cream bag was love at first sight and is current Topshop stock. It's gorgeous buttery fake leather and fits loads in. I get so many compliments on it and the best part is I got it for £12 on livejournal!

Nautical Flip Flops, Primark, £2

Gladiator Sandals, Primark, £4

Summer footwear from Primark is a must. With the amount of summer weather we get in England I begrude completely buying expensive sandals and the best part is the pair I had from Primark last year were the pair I walked all over Manhattan in and they were so comfortable. They're still wareable for this year so I'm saving them for Florida. They're identical to the tan pair I've bought this year except my old ones are in gold. The cute nautical flip flops are a bargin at £2. They come in blue and red and have a little fold anchor hanging on the toe post, they're also basket bottom which are my favourite kind since the foam bottom ones make my feet sweat.

& now, some outfits
while wearing my new buys

Black Cardigan, H&M, £10 // Blue Tunic, Primark, £?? // Lace Leggings, New Look, £10 // Bow Necklace, Bit of Skirt, £7.50

The blue tunic I stole from my little sister, it's a size 8 but fits perfectly and it's a lovely colour of blue. The H&M cardigans are a staple of mine, I'm trying to get one with every pay cheque as they are so comfy and go with everything. And I love the second picture because it shows my layers in my hair perfectly.

Long Length Cream Cardigan, H&M, £10 // Floral Playsuit, Primark, £13 // 100 Denier Tights, Sock Shop, £5.99 // Cinderella Carriage Necklace, Elsie Belle, £14.95

I love how lovely my hair looks in this photo, but it's not about hair, no, it's about how amazing this playsuit is. The material reminds me of a floral dress my mum had when I was a child, she wore it to my sisters christening, it even had shoulder pads like this playsuit but I removed them because I hate the big shoulders trend. This playsuit fits perfect for me, I struggled to find one that fitted my odd shaped body and I was so surprised that it was in Primark I found it (as many people always say how shapeless Primark clothes are). The cardigan was on offer for £10 in H&M, I wish I'd bought more colours because the offers finished now and I live in this one, I guess i'll just have to pay £15 for another couple. The necklace was of course my Valentines gift from the boy.

Pussy Bow Top, Uniqlo, £4.99 // Tutu Skirt, Topshop, £28 // Heart Print Tights, Topshop, £8 // Tom Binns for Disney Couture Pocket Watch Necklace, Treasure Box, £40 // Bow Hairband, Primark, £??

Three photos this time to try and show the heart pattern on my tights. I have these in black too and although £8 is a ridic amount to pay for some tights especially Topshop tights that ladder so easily (although I've been so careful that mine are still going strong after about three wears) I just love them. I have a polka dot version from Primark for a meer £2 but they're just not half as cute as the heart print ones. The skirt and top are both very old but I love them, the top is insanely bobbled down but it's so flattering. The necklace was a birthday gift from the boy, I was a bit gutted to find it's not a working pocket watch but it still hangs in the perfect place.

Cashmere Blend Cardigan, Urban Outfitters, £9.99 // Polkadot Playsuit, Primark, £13 // 100 Denier Black Tights, Sock Shop, £5.99 // Princess Disney Couture Necklace, Truffleshuffle, £18

When I saw Primark were doing a polka dot version of my beloved playsuit in grey or black I had to have it. Black with white spots is a classic so that's the one I chose. I don't like it as much as the floral one but it's still a cutie. The pink cardigan is so ballerina esq and comfy due to it being a cashmere blend, it was supposed to be about £50 but I was lucky enough to get it in one of Urban Outfitters fantastic sales. It's supposed to be cropped but because I'm so short it fits me like a normal cardigan.

I'm really hoping the feedback from this post isn't too negative meaning you all want to see some more. Should I keep posting outfits? & What are your best buys from Feb or March? I think mine is def that cream lace dress, I just adore it.

Hope you're all having a nice Tuesday, I'm off to the Post Office then returning to do a LOT of house work. Sad times for a day off.


  1. I LOVE the wallet :) amazing things x

  2. I've seen both the blue dress and the floral one on and think they both look lovely - especially liked the blue one though (and your cleavage was great in the floral one ;))

    Stop advertising someone else's jewellery though biatch :P

  3. OHHHH I sooo nearly ordered you the OPI polish for your birthday! So glad I didnt!

  4. Lots of lovely things here! I love the lace dress from Primark - must go have a look for the pale yellow when I get paid!

    I adore the teacup - I have a thing for teaups, had you noticed?! ;)

  5. :) i totally want that pocadot play suit! aint seen it in the Lincoln one, i will have to keep my eye out! and i'd love a pair of lace leggings but i'm always reluctant to pay good money for anything that resembles tights cause im far too clumsy with them! i will have to go back to those shops we looked in and look at the jewellery when i get paid, some of it was lush! Btw that snow white wallet, i am hopefully getting the Alice version for my birthday, (i've asked my sister, she knows people in the US and its only left there now) were so alike when it comes to the disney stuff! lol! i love the Alice pocket watch necklace too, i might get the one we saw in topshop as a compromise. Oh and the heart tights are devine!

  6. I love that Uniqlo Pussy Bow top I'd love one myself :)