31 March, 2010

Dish #4 British

I cooked this last week at some point but since I've been so busy ju
ggling two jobs I've had no time to write it up! This is one of three dishes I've cooked over the last couple of weeks I haven't had time to share with you and it's one of my favourites. When I was growing up my mother always made her own fish and chips because of the fact she was always on a diet however since moving in with my other half we always just buy it, especially at our old flat as there was a shop just along the street. Fish and Chips always brings back memories of going to my grandparents for tea after school when both my parents were working. My grandparents always provided fish and chips but from a chippy opposed to my grandmother making them. It wasn't just a tradition for my sister and me but for all my cousins when they visited my grandparents. Growing up in a seaside town meant fish and chips was a popular tea meal when I visited friends too, chippy dinners were never in shortage.

Fish and Chips is a popular British take away meal that orginates from the 1800's. It started out a cheap workmans meal when men started trawling for fish in the North Sea. The meal usually consists of fried fish, usually either haddock, cod or flounder in batter or breadcrumbs and chips. The first fish and chip shop was opened in London and there is a plaque to commerate this.

My version of fish and chips was something I would of been proud to
serve any inlaws. It consisted of fish fried in bread crumbs, home made chips and mint mushy peas, it was delicious and I cannot wait to make it again. The most surprising thing of all is it wasn't half as hard to make as my mother used to make it look! Enjoy!

Dish number number 4, posh fish & chips with minty mushy peas!

Looking at the pictures is making me so hungry! I was a bit dubious when it came to doing a dish from my home land for Around the World in 80 Dishes, but I've found lots of dishes I'd like to try, I may even get the boy to make his Shepards Pie! The flavours of this dish go so well together, I urge everyone to try and make their own take aways, much healthier!

The ingredients that are needed are enough potatoes to make chips for however many people are eating. Frozen peas (cheaper and nicer than tinned), 2 eggs, breadcrumbs, mint and stock. You can really use whatever fish you like for this. I went for Seabass because we had some in the freezer (it came with orange butter but I didn't fancy that). It is better to use already skinned fish but again it doesn't really matter, the seabass I used still had the skin on it. You'll of course need seasoning, salt, pepper, garlic. If you want to add a kick to the fish or chips I recommend adding some cumin and paprika to either the bread crumbs or on the chips before cooking.You'll also need some butter to go in with the peas and whatever oil or fat you like best for the chips. I always use fry light, it's healthy and if makes the chips nice and crispy.

First peel the potatoes and chop into chip shaped oblongs.

Pop in a pan, season and cover with hot water. Pot on the hob and cook until soft. Test they're soft enough with a knife then drain.

Cover a cooking tray with tin foil (or grease paper like I did because I ran out of tin foil), cover the tray in a little oil then put the chips on. Then cover the chips in some oil so both sides are coated. Put in a pre heated oven until cooked.

In the mean time, put the frozen peas in a pan and cover with water. Add the stock and butter, stir until both have disolved into the water then cook until the peas are soft.

Next take the peas off the heat and drain them. Add in 10 leaves of mint and blend in a blender or using a hand blender like I did. Or if you had neither you could mash them and I'm sure it would have the same effect. Return them to a low heat and cover so they don't go cold while preperaring the fish. Remember to stir them once in a while so they don't stick to the bottom of the pan.

Place breadcrumbs in one bowl and two beaten eggs into another. Season the breadcrumbs with garlic salt and pepper.
Cover the fish both sides in the egg mixture then place in the bread crumbs. Make sure both sides are coated well.

Heat a little bit of oil in a frying pan and cook the fish on both sides.

Put everything on a plate with a slice of lemon for the fish and serve.

I don't really like peas but the peas mixed with mint went so well with the lemon and freshness of the fish. Even though I have enjoyed all my other dishes this was probably my favourite.

If you'd like to offer a country for me to create a recipe from or even a recipe you think I should try, please feel free on my project page for Around the World in 80 Dishes. Everything I plan on cooking has elements of authentic and traditional recipes with my own personal twist.


  1. This looks so nice! Thanks for posting all of these recipes - they're definately making me want to start cooking meals again for myself!

  2. Fab!! :)

    Two cooking tips for you if you dont think it rude of me.. :D

    If you season your egg rather than the breadcrumbs the little bit of salt in the egg breaks down the stringiness off them so the coat is much more even.

    Did you know if you put the potatoes (or anything) in a pan with cold water and bring up the the simmer they will cook right through and very evenly :)

    Love your blog!!

  3. I love mushy peas! It's only recently that I've started eating them though.

    Looks lovely!

  4. oh man that looks amazing amy x